Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Get It While It's Hot

Not only it is true that I love music, but I especially love it when that music is free. When I first heard that The Hush Now's album was available as a free download on their website ( I was a bit skeptical. What band would be willing to put their latest album out for free? Would it even be any good?

Radiohead recently succeeded in skyrocketing their latest release, In Rainbows, to the top of the charts with their "name your own price" tactic on their website, but seriously...they are RADIOHEAD. The Hush Now were able to capture the attention of the independent charts with their dreamy list of tracks and powerful lyrics. The creation of the band was actually spurred by an accident of sorts. The lead singer, Noel Kelly, found himself face to face with the wall of a local church after he crashed his car while attempting to drive with a broken wrist. This near-death experience led to his move to Portland, Oregon where he began penning the self-titled album, The Hush Now. It just goes to show that you just never know when inspiration will hit you. Literally.

Download it: ....the entire album, it's free!
**A few personal favorites: "Traditions" / "Roleplay" / "Bedtime Stories"

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