Thursday, May 21, 2009

June Lineup

In anticipation of the first full month of warm weather (hopefully), I have outlined a number of great shows that are scheduled in the city...

June 5 - Jenny Lewis @ Park West (322 W. Armitage)

June 11 - The Evangelicals @ Bottom Lounge (1375 W. Lake)

June 18 & 19 - O.A.R. @ Charter One Pavilion at Northerly Island (1300 S. Lynn White Dr.)
**Hoping for a reunion with Katie & Chris Culos! :)

June 20 - Patterson Hood (of Drive-By Truckers) @ Metro (3730 N. Clark St.)

Get outside...avoid getting sunburned...enjoy the live music!

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Slight Departure....

After another rowdy Sunday Funday I felt the need to provide a friendly recap to one of my favorite people in the entire world. Love you Beara....hope you're feeling better! Tucker your heart out.

Dearest CC,

I may have some information for you regarding the timeline of last Sunday (Funday). It goes a little something like this...

Morning - Ate & Drank our faces off at McGee's (3 Bomb Shots...nice). Take turns dancing in the street.

Early Afternoon - The gang travels to Green Eyes' apartment to retrieve additional alcoholic beverages. CM pukes in alley by Green Eyes' apartment. CC brings piece of wheat bread to CM in order to help soak up the alcohol. CM refuses the bread.

Late afternoon - The gang plays bags at Joe's apartment. CC & Green Eyes eat 2 (count 'em two) hot dog buns and spy on said "gang" outside. Joe catches CC & Green Eyes eating buns so we run to bathroom. Guitar Hero sillyness follows.

Early evening - The group heads to Killer Margaritas and we order way too much food and preemptively order (2) $29 pitchers of strawberry margaritas (not the slushy kind). CC drinks one pitcher by herself and proceeds to offer free belly dancing lessons to a nearby table of 2 middle age Mexican women and a young girl. Pancho (our waiter) lies to us about his's really Jorge (damn!). MW makes friends with the women at the aforementioned table. We actually forget that MW is still with us. Restaurant turns off music to get us to leave. CC keeps insisting they play Shakira or Gloria Estefan...they refuse. The group is finally ready to leave. CC is found at a table of 3 workers helping them to fold napkins. It's really time to leave.

Late evening - CM drives us back to her apartment. Green Eyes & B McD teach CC the "special move" which is really just the two of us licking her face. CC may or may not have passed out on the couch. CM, Green Eyes & MW are chatting in the backyard and CC opens the back door wrapped in CM's blanket from her couch. CM is not happy about this (as blankets are not an outdoor item) and makes CC go inside to get a sweatshirt. CC gets sweatshirt and stumbles her way to the table. CC soon disappears and enters the bathroom (you get the point from here)

Monday morning - CC gets up around 6am (from my best recollection) and is most likely hating life. Heads home to get her week started.

**Special note: CM has put an APB out for her SIU sweatshirt and vintage Abercrombie sweatpants that went missing from her apartment on Monday morning. Please return to rightful owner. Thank you!

Just thought this might come in handy for you. :) Glad we could spend a fantastic Sunday Funday together...can't wait to see you soon. Hopefully this weekend..fingers crossed!

Love you,
Green Eyes

Friday, May 15, 2009

Oldie...but a goodie

My junior year of college I was heavy into alternative rock so I recently went through my old computer (a to check out what kind of hidden gems I could find. Of course there was the typical Dashboard Confessional and more Dave Matthews Band than I would ever openly admit to, but there was one song in particular that I had completely forgotten about. The Format started to gain popularity toward the end of my college years and I can remember first hearing "On Your Porch" and immediately downloading it on my slow internet connection. It's such a sad song, but for some reason it brings back great memories of a simpler time in my life and, for that reason, it has now made it back into the rotation. I wonder what ever happened to The Format...

Download it: "On Your Porch" / "The First Single (You Know Me)" / "Tune Out"

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The fantastic Miss Fisk

I fell in love with Schuyler Fisk back in 2006. She had only released a six song EP, but her voice was beautiful and her lyrics were sweet and honest so I continued to follow her journey all the way to her first studio album, The Good Stuff. Along this journey I realized that there were a few other reasons (besides her music) why I wished I could walk a day in Schuyler's shoes.

#1 - She is the daughter of Academy Award winner, Sissy Spacek
#2 - She has been romantically linked to Joshua Radin
#3 - She co-starred with Colin Hanks and Jack Black in 2002's dramatic comedy Orange County
#4 - She played Kristy Thomas in The Babysitter's Club movie

Her sound is soft and light-hearted, but if you fully appreciate the female singer/songwriter genre (Missy Higgins, Ingrid Michaelson, A Fine Frenzy) then I think you'll have found yourself a new girl crush in Schuyler Fisk.

Check out this video of Schuyler's live performance back in 2006. Keep an eye out for a cameo by Sissy Spacek (vocals) and commentary by Zach Braff (sigh...).

Download it: "Hello" / "Paperweight" / "From Where I'm Standing"

Friday, May 8, 2009

Music Fix - Matt and Kim

Matt & Kim came together in 2004 to create an interesting sound that can best be described as "catchy". Kim plays the drums while Matt sticks to the keyboard...which struck me as completely odd at first, but the minimalism of it all is what really makes these two Brooklyn-based punk kids stand out. Never having a chance to check them out live for myself, I scanned a few of their videos online and the pure joy that they have for their music is written all over their faces. It's not serious or stuffy, it's just fun experimental music.

Download it: "Daylight" / "Yeah Yeah"

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Let the summer shows begin...

As everyone gets geared up for the balmy Chicago summer, I find myself planning out my summer summer music schedule, that is. I love long days at North Beach and drinking at outdoor beer gardens as much as the next person, but the thought of street fests and the great mix of bands that are touring this summer really gets me geared up for what could be the best summer yet.

I plan on frequently updating this page with live shows in the Chicago area, but I thought I would kick off the summer with a fantastic band that I really feel is worth checking out....and for $15 you really can't afford to argue.

Wednesday, May 13
Bottom Lounge (1375 w. Lake, Chicago)
Low vs Diamond
w/ Ben Lee & Dawes

Don't get me wrong, Ben Lee is fantastic, but my true love is for Low vs Diamond who I am eagerly awaiting a new release from. Any day now, guys. For now I will just have to drown my sorrows in a draft beer at the show next week with my partner in crime in tow. See you there!

Monday, May 4, 2009

She Rock

Mother's Day is just around the corner (thank me later for the reminder) so in honor of women everywhere I thought I would showcase a few great bands that are led by female vocalists and completely rock because of it.

Genevieve Schatz (Company of Thieves)
Erika Wennerstrom (Heartless Bastards)
Karen O (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)
Nikki Monninger (Silversun Pickups)
Tegan and Sara Quin (Tegan and Sara)
Hayley Williams (Paramore)

These ladies have inspired me by becoming pioneers for female rockers down the road and by creating a sound that they have made their own. Now they just need to create "Guitar Hero - She Rock version"....seriously.