Monday, May 18, 2009

A Slight Departure....

After another rowdy Sunday Funday I felt the need to provide a friendly recap to one of my favorite people in the entire world. Love you Beara....hope you're feeling better! Tucker your heart out.

Dearest CC,

I may have some information for you regarding the timeline of last Sunday (Funday). It goes a little something like this...

Morning - Ate & Drank our faces off at McGee's (3 Bomb Shots...nice). Take turns dancing in the street.

Early Afternoon - The gang travels to Green Eyes' apartment to retrieve additional alcoholic beverages. CM pukes in alley by Green Eyes' apartment. CC brings piece of wheat bread to CM in order to help soak up the alcohol. CM refuses the bread.

Late afternoon - The gang plays bags at Joe's apartment. CC & Green Eyes eat 2 (count 'em two) hot dog buns and spy on said "gang" outside. Joe catches CC & Green Eyes eating buns so we run to bathroom. Guitar Hero sillyness follows.

Early evening - The group heads to Killer Margaritas and we order way too much food and preemptively order (2) $29 pitchers of strawberry margaritas (not the slushy kind). CC drinks one pitcher by herself and proceeds to offer free belly dancing lessons to a nearby table of 2 middle age Mexican women and a young girl. Pancho (our waiter) lies to us about his's really Jorge (damn!). MW makes friends with the women at the aforementioned table. We actually forget that MW is still with us. Restaurant turns off music to get us to leave. CC keeps insisting they play Shakira or Gloria Estefan...they refuse. The group is finally ready to leave. CC is found at a table of 3 workers helping them to fold napkins. It's really time to leave.

Late evening - CM drives us back to her apartment. Green Eyes & B McD teach CC the "special move" which is really just the two of us licking her face. CC may or may not have passed out on the couch. CM, Green Eyes & MW are chatting in the backyard and CC opens the back door wrapped in CM's blanket from her couch. CM is not happy about this (as blankets are not an outdoor item) and makes CC go inside to get a sweatshirt. CC gets sweatshirt and stumbles her way to the table. CC soon disappears and enters the bathroom (you get the point from here)

Monday morning - CC gets up around 6am (from my best recollection) and is most likely hating life. Heads home to get her week started.

**Special note: CM has put an APB out for her SIU sweatshirt and vintage Abercrombie sweatpants that went missing from her apartment on Monday morning. Please return to rightful owner. Thank you!

Just thought this might come in handy for you. :) Glad we could spend a fantastic Sunday Funday together...can't wait to see you soon. Hopefully this weekend..fingers crossed!

Love you,
Green Eyes

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