Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It Doesn't Get Much Better Than This...

This past Sunday I decided that instead of settling for one live show that I would treat myself to three. Cara and I began our journey at 2:00pm and after a quick stop downtown for some retail therapy we started out on our lovely day of travel, food, & some of the best music I've heard all summer.

A look back at our journey...

6:15pm - Rock Plaza Central @ Wicker Park Fest
*Cara and I caught about 10 minutes of this band upon our arrival at Milwaukee & North. They played a great live show and can best be described as rockabilly/country/rock. Something different to shake it up.

6:30pm - Company of Thieves @ Wicker Park Fest
*This band was beyond amazing! Their recent album was slightly up tempo, but I could have never anticipated the energy that each member brought to the stage. I'm convinced that when I finally live out my dream of joining a band (hilarious, I know) that I will strive to be at least half as cool as Genevieve Schatz (lead singer). They played a few of their current songs while mixing in a song from their upcoming album. In my opinion, the set was too short, but then again I could have hung out all night.

8:30pm - Sugar Ray @ Taste of Lincoln
*Wow! That's all I have to say. I always had such a teenage crush on Mark McGrath, but now he is...well....older. I have to give it to him though because the band completely rocked out and kept the crowd happy with a few of the older songs that we all know by heart (admit it). They actually performed a great cover of a classic Ramones song and even invited two unsuspecting guys from the crowd up on the stage for a little impromptu karaoke.

10:00pm - Marseilles @ Glascott's
*What a nice surprise! While walking home from our Sugar Ray experience, Cara and I noticed that a band had set up shop inside Glascott's (a great local bar in my area). We were tired and ready to go home, but I'm so glad that we got our second wind and decided to stay out. This band is extremely young (think college students), but their music was interesting and left me wanting to hear more. I'm hoping to do just that at their upcoming show at the Bottom Lounge on Wednesday, August 5th (opening for Early Day Miners).

--I didn't get a chance to catch them at Wicker Park Fest, but The Hood Internet are an amazing group that I highly recommend checking out. In the style of Girl Talk (whom I love), they mix current songs together and lay down beats that turn any old time into an excuse to dance. You can check them out at Lollapalooza (Sunday)!

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