Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Song - "Odessa"

It might seem as if 95% of my posts revolve around the Born Ruffians, but let's be honest...why shouldn't they? I am joking (slightly), but my love for everything "Born Ruffians" or "Luke LaLonde" has become a gateway for other new artists. Recently it was announced that Luke would be collaborating on Caribou's upcoming album (release date set for April 20th) to lend his lead vocals to their closing song, "Odessa". They're Canadian rockers that have bonded over interesting beats and an unexpected use of psychedelic sounds which I can say that I fully support. The kicker is that you can currently download the first track from Caribou's new album for FREE. Happy listening!

It wouldn't hurt to check out Caribou's past albums as well. I could name a few, but Andorra has stolen my heart for the time being.

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