Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Music + Free Show = One happy girl

I was thinking about posting a friendly reminder about The Temper Trap's free show next Monday, October 19 at the Empty Bottle, but to my pleasant surprise I was greeted by their brand new album this morning. My first listen of The Temper Trap was during the movie, 500 Days of Summer, and ever since then I've been hooked on "Sweet Disposition". A little bit of snooping around and....poof!....I stumbled across their new album that was released yesterday (I was patting myself on the back for the great timing!). The music is futuristic and sexy which is a nice change from all of the indie rock I've been drowning myself in lately. The guys are from Melbourne, Australia and only recently made their U.S. debut, but am I ever glad that they finally did. My advice: Come wait in line on Monday night for the free show and make up your own mind about them. Seriously, who can pass up a free show?

Download it: "Rest" / "Fader" / "Love Lost"

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