Wednesday, May 19, 2010

We Were Promised Jetpacks

These guys hail from Scotland (swoon!) and while they've only been touring and releasing music since 2008 they have made a big impact in such short time. The story of their rise to fame is actually an interesting one. The band cites their friends (Frightened Rabbit) as one of their major influences so imagine their surprise when Fat Cat Records called to sign them up for a record deal. The label execs were searching on MySpace through Frightened Rabbit's friend list and came across this gem of an indie rock band. Boom...they became a big deal!

And the best news...I only have to wait until July 12 when I get to check them out at the Empty Bottle. Totally.AWESOME.

Download it: Quiet Little Voices / Moving Clocks Run Slow / Short Bursts

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